Looking For Good Essay Topics For College: Professional Advice

There is more on an essay topic than a collection of words. It is a show of intent, your position about an issue and the extent you are willing to go in order to justify your position. A topic will determine whether your paper will be interesting to read or not. The best ideas and arguments can be diluted by a weak topic. What then makes a strong essay topic for college?


The fact that millions of students have gone through college means that millions of essays have been written. There is a possibility of repetition as students seek an easy way out. For your paper to be outstanding, it must reflect originality. Originality can be achieved in two ways.

  • Original idea- there are new developments on daily basis. They are in technology, sports, celebrity life, international relations, education, etc. They provide a hint of excellent topics that can inform your essay.
  • A new perspective- the world is in search of new ways of doing things. It is looking for cost reduction, efficiency, speed, esthetics, etc. Provide a new way of solving old problems and your paper will be captivating.


With a topic being used to define the boundaries you will stick to during your study, it should be specific and clear. Avoid a general area that you cannot exhaustively study. At the same time avoid a topic that is too narrow that it does not offer study materials.


Academic work should provide solutions to social problems. Your essay must reflect relevance to the society, discipline of study, expected qualification, etc. College essays are more involving or demanding than high school papers. Choose a topic that reflects this understanding and awareness.

Here are examples of fresh, specific and relevant essay topics for college

  1. My moment of national pride
  2. The moment that changed my life for good
  3. How to maintain social civility despite competition for scarce resources
  4. How can celebrities become better role models?
  5. The future of global religions
  6. How to reduce teenage violence
  7. Addressing gender equality
  8. Is technology making teenagers more social?
  9. A robotic future
  10. Maintaining ethical standards in cloning
  11. The hardest news I had to deliver
  12. Improving the feeling of nationalism among the youth
  13. Increasing social and political participation
  14. Accountable campaigns
  15. Social morality vs personal freedoms

When selecting an essay topic for college, ensure that you stick to your area of passion. Make it interesting to read by avoiding common topics. Consult your teacher if you are in doubt about your choice.