APA Style of Writing Research Papers - Pros and Cons

APA format is a style of writing that is commonly used in college and social sciences. It provides students with a paper layout that is either easy or difficult to follow, depending on how you convey ideas and transition them on paper. Students are directed to use the format when they are working on writing assignments. There is some controversy toward how it contributes to academic work. There are definite pros and cons to APA style of writing.

APA style: Pros

Let's go over why it's favorable to students and instructors. When you use the style to write a paper it helps build a uniform presentation and it's much easier to follow main ideas. With strict instructions on how to format the layout and font, it's easy to look at and read through. Instructors appreciate the style because it is convenient to study and grade.

APA naturally organizes content for you. There are four sections to abide by and this is how you separate relevant information. It is going to give the reader an idea of what they can expect from the thesis and body paragraphs. The reference page that is required allows them to investigate the concept furthermore and verify sources that have been used to write the paper.

Whether you are aware of it or not, APA format significantly improves writing skills. The style asks you to declare narratives, ideas and perceptions. You must use a clear voice that contains ideas and supplementary information. You are not allowed to use poetic sentences. With such an active style of writing you will become more aware of sentence structure and how you are backing up statements and facts.

APA Style: Cons

Although it is used for many subject manners, it is designed for social sciences. If you are directed to use the format in any other field such as liberal arts, humanities or history of arts then the style would technically be used incorrectly.

There are many high school and college students who have a difficult time using APA style. If you haven't worked with the format much, it can be difficult to remember all of the instructions and advanced processing. You have to remember how to set up the header, parentheses, references and margins.

The parenthetical references that are included in the format can get in the way of 'writer's flow.' It may actually increase inefficiency if the student is constantly using required footnotes.

Every student and instructor has their own opinion on how the style contributes to academic work. Even if a college professor didn’t want to use it on each assignment, it is part of college grading criteria as it tests student on how well they organize their work and follow directions. If you are new to this style it may seem confusing. Once you use it a few times, it will become easier for you to follow and use when you are organizing your thoughts and ideas on paper.


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