Writing Term Papers Faster: 7 Tips from an Expert Freelancer

Whereas most writers plan their papers one at a time and proofread in one go at the end, I’d like to propose a different strategy:

  • Prepare your outlines first
  • Take every bit of homework you have and plan them all from beginning to end. Term papers will have various sections that need to be included. These can always be removed, changed, or added at a later stage if your term paper takes a different approach later on. Plan everything first and fill the content in later.

  • Proofread as you go
  • Instead of proofreading your whole paper at the end, proofread a paragraph as you finish it. Factor in the time you need to give every paragraph a once over after you’ve written it so that you don’t have to come back to it later; it’s done!

Research can be one thing that slows down any writer. Use these methods to manage your research more efficiently:

  • Keep info cards with you
  • While researching, make notes on info cards and keep these with you throughout the writing process. Be organized about this by making sure you number or name each card with a relevant tag.

  • Watch videos to save time
  • A lot more information can be obtained by watching online resources. If reading is biting into your time, watching videos and taking notes as you do will get your research moving a lot quicker.

  • Save info for later reference
  • It definitely beats reading everything in one go. If you come across a source of information on the internet, save it, or copy and paste it onto a blank word document for later.

Lack of motivation can often lead to procrastination. Here are two ways I manage to fight off procrastinating:

  • Set up a reward for yourself
  • Add some motivation for finishing your term paper by setting up a reward for yourself when you’re done. Promise yourself a few hours with your new video game, or even a slice of your favourite cake.

  • Become a constructive procrastinator
  • If procrastination simply won’t go away, then turn it into constructive avoidance behaviour instead. Don’t reward yourself for procrastinating. Instead, wash the dishes, clean up your room, or do your laundry. Yes, you should be working, but at least you’re getting stuff done. Watching TV will only motivate you to keep procrastinating, while working will probably get you to do your work sooner or later.


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