Research Papers Are Generally Longer Pieces Of Written Work Than Essays

Students who dislike writing assignments may not care necessarily about length when it comes to essays and research papers. Even if you are required to write a few paragraphs to one page worth of content, some students will complain and say that is too much for them to write. But, for the sake of helping academic students understand the purpose for such assignments, it may help to review why research papers are often longer than essays.

Essay Assignments in General are Shorter

An essay helps explain a topic but in more general terms. For instance, many essays are roughly one page long or about 5 paragraphs. Some may be shorter at 250 words, but the idea is provide information that is clear and concise but to the point. Some essays may allow you to write about a topic without research. Or, you may be able to write about yourself or something you know about well. Essays may have guidelines or instructions that are straight forth with a specific structure. More often, students may prefer essays over research papers because they are shorter with fewer instructions to follow.

Why Research Papers are Longer

Research papers, like essays, may have instructions to follow that are more detailed. Research papers often have a more depth and structure since you have to complete a considerable amount of research on the topic. Some research papers can be a few pages long, and have other elements attached to them such as an abstract or title page.

Research papers may also require more time. So when students receive such assignments they may have weeks before it is due. An essay may be written in a matter of days or a week or so depending on the content. Research papers can be written on a wide range of topics and become important assignments for college and university students studying specific subject matter in their choose career field.

Other Details about Research Papers and Essays

Research papers and essays are both assignments that help you develop critical thinking and creative writing skills. Research papers help you learn more about a topic or subject, so you are often advised to provide more details. Essays can serve the same purpose but there are so many types from admission to argumentative, they can provide necessary details in concentrated amounts.