How to write a research paper: additional support from experts

Many students want to know the secret of acing in a research paper. It’s not like that they don’t make efforts, every student tries hard to get an A or at least get his research paper approved. There is no magic mantra for acing a research paper. All you have to do is be open to learning and learn from experiences. If you have never written a research paper before you can check what the experts say about it

Here are top comments that experts have made upon research papers to help them understand how to write one

  • Know your potential
  • It is very important that the student knows what he is capable of. Only then, you can achieve a goal when you know you can do it

  • Analyze your routine
  • Have a look at your daily activities and take time to think. You are the best judge of yourself. Try to realize are you giving enough time to your paper

  • Make a planner for your research paper
  • Students fail to complete their research paper on time because they do not plan it

  • Choose a topic that you have passion for
  • By reading the topic, the professor can easily judge whether the student had a passion for the subject or he has just written it to complete the assignment. If you choose a topic that you have no interest in, you will end up being bored or stuck in the middle of your paper.

  • Avoid topics that are too over dragged
  • It is better that you stick to the instructions set by your teacher at the university. If they have told, you to avoid some topics then never write on them. Some topics are over dragged and do not have enough room for creativity

  • Write about new ideas
  • Try to write about recent news and topics. Write about things that come as a surprise to your reader and can hold his attention.

  • Allow space for critique
  • You must always be open to learning and criticism

  • Your paper should encourage future research
  • A good research paper always provides areas for future research by other students

  • Discuss the impact of your research on the society
  • Do not just write about a certain topic until the end. Make sure you discuss the general impact of your topic on the society


  • Write strong introduction and conclusion
  • Give real life examples as supporting data

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