Billy Lynns Long Halftime Walk

This is a newly released novel based on the character Billy Lynn, a hero who has fought in the war in Iraq. He comes home from the war in Iraq and finds himself in a whole new world and atmosphere than the one he left. He is changed and the entire outlook on life is different as well. The book is set on one single day, Thanksgiving Day at a football game in Texas. The book covers a variety of topics in such a short amount of time, and includes references to capitalism, materialism and other more obvious topics such as the military and country pride. This novel has been reviewed and is considered a very great novel and a good read on the war in Iraq.

The book takes place during the Iraq war, as Billy Lynns fights in the battle of Al Ansakar Canal in Iraq. This fight was one that took place in a very short period of time, less than four minutes. But even though the fight was short, the participants and witnesses were all affected greatly by the battle. The men are named members of the Bravo Squad, and instantly become famous on American media outlets. The presidential Bush administration sends these survivors, on return, on a tour throughout the US called the Victory Tour. The Victory Tour is an attempt to inspire the country and invigorate their senses with the warfare success stories. Billy Lynn is a nineteen year old student from Texas, who travels to Texas to present the Victory Tour at a Dallas football game. Billy has undergone tremendous stresses in the fight, and lost his sergeant in the warfare. Throughout the book, which takes place over a single day, Billy begins to understand his own life and the lives of those he has been connected with. Billy is then faced with the fact that he must return to the fight and go back to Iraq to continue the warfare.

This book touches on some very difficult subjects, and is a novel that will help people to understand the trials and internal and external struggles of a soldier at war. Billy Lynn is representative of a large number of young people who have gone to war and have come back to realize that the world and the country that they knew is a whole lot different and is much more difficult to assimilate to than they had expected.


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