The Benefits Of Learning An Instrument

Childhood is the point in a lifetime when most of the learning is condensed. Children learn a better understanding of the rules of their language, how to do basic calculations and even some rudimentary science. With this many subjects and their sub areas it may seem a bit much to add on the learning of an instrument but many studies have shown that this gives several benefits as will be discussed.

Learning to read music helps children to understand mathematical concepts. Having to count time regularly and pair this counting with sound makes it clearer in the child’s mind. Time signatures can also give a better understanding of fractions. The difference in value that a dot adds to a not can also be useful in explaining percentages.

From the perspective of creating good study habits, learning to play an instrument can give children a good idea of how the relationship between effort and progress works. They will notice that their first few months of practice yielded a certain level of ability which over time increased to the point at which they could perform. When they reach difficult aspects of their school work they can refer to this experience and be more likely to keep studying and trying than they would have otherwise.

Music is a very productive hobby as well. It can give some of the same benefits as video games in terms of the development of good hand-eye coordination with the added benefit of developing a skill that may eventually used for profit. Not every child who learns the piano may end up a concert pianist but just about every concert pianist was just a child once who was learning.

The act of learning music can also bring confidence to shy children. When they perform for audiences they can learn to be comfortable in front of strangers and to take pride in the fruits of their effort. This is especially true if the teacher is supportive and pays attention to their progress.

Many of the benefits of playing an instrument can also be derived from being dedicated to a particular sport although others are unique to musical pursuits. Many musicians as adults will state that they were not aware as children of how much of an impact the lessons they endured would one day have on their lives. They continue to be grateful.


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