How to write a research paper fast and format it properly 

When you are looking for research materials for a research paper you should start with your local school library. These libraries are excellent resources for all of the material you might need. How?

  • They have a large supply of hard copy resources you can use. They have a large collection of almost all of the major peer-reviewed publications on hand, which you can review and copy directly to take home.

  • They have a dedicated staff who can help you navigate the circulation desk and find copies of anything that you want either in an electronic format or in print.

  • In fact, many academic libraries today have a great online site from which you can access all of the electronic copies of research materials they have. If something is particularly old, like old newspapers from fifty years ago, it may not be uploaded in a digital format. But again, the staff will be happy to help you find it in person and make safe copies for your research.

  • In addition, if your academic library does not have a particular electronic journal article or print book on hand, you can use an interlibrary loan. This is an agreement with nearby libraries that allows you to get your hands on things your library may not have. If, for example, you want a book that they only have at a university library two hours away, the interlibrary loan department may be able to have it dropped off for you on a regularly scheduled visit or you can go and pick it up. You will have your research materials quickly, giving you plenty of time to write the perfect paper.

As you search for resource materials, keep your eyes peeled for gateway sources. It is recommended when you start your research, that you start broad and then narrow things from there. You want to find a broad list of sources that address your problem, subject, or area. These will generally point to more specific sources.

Take for example, a peer-reviewed article that might cover the introduction to infertility treatments. If you are writing an article on modern infertility treatments, such as acupuncture, then you might want to start with this gateway resource. As you read it, you will find references to other articles that might lead you to other articles, and finally, to one poignantly related to your subject. The footnotes and the bibliography for the research materials you find will help lead you directly to other sources you might use.