What to Know about Writing a Narrative Essay

Writing a narrative essay might seem straight forward, but there are some things to keep in mind when attempting with this pursuit. The most difficult part of a narrative essay is to balance your voice as the writer and balancing the information at hand. This will undoubtedly range from essay to essay, as there are different needs that need to be acknowledged with each varying topic, but as a general consensus you should not let your essay fall into a category where it is an opinion piece or a narrative story. In order to make sure you will not follow in to those traps, consider the following tips to make a well-balanced narrative essay.

Revising Process

In the revising process of your essay, read it out loud. You will be able to get a better sense of the narrative portion of the essay versus the meat of the material. If you cannot differentiate between the two, that means that your voice took over the piece and that it is more resembling a narrative story. It is best if the narrative essay stays informative from a third party’s perspective- not just the writer’s input onto paper. A good narrative essay as well flows easily and is unfolding the information in a clear and concise way. Depending on the requirements of the essay, this may not be problematic. Each essay has their own demands, yet it is best to take precautions in the event that you are unsure what the essential qualities are of your essay.


A narrative essay will undoubtedly have the voice of a narrator- you. As the narrator, take into consideration how you can present any outside or researched information in a similar tone. This will help with consistency as well as keep a solid style from start to finish of the essay. While you should be careful not to turn it into a first hand account of the topic at hand, it is also a good idea to put your author’s mark on the essay, which will personalize it by the end. If you find that the ouside research information does not match up with your voice stylistically, this may be problematic because your essay will read as two different tones. Avoid this common mistake, and write the narrative essay in your own voice while keeping in mind the needs of the essay and the presentation of topics.