Are Free Essays Available Online Plagiarism-Free?

The short answer is no. These essays are free because no one had to do any work for them, so they had to be copied or stolen. If you want a great essay for no work or money you aren’t going to find one. The free ones are stolen and they are often poorly written, and the really good ones you have to pay for, because good writers deserve some compensation for how they help you. It usually isn’t much; most writing companies understand a student’s empty wallet situation and only charge a small fee to cover their services.

How to Find a Legitimate Substitute for Free Essays Online

Your best bet is to always talk to a real person. If a writing company has a contact page (which they should or you should move on) then use it. Ask them about their prices and services. Ask them about anything that worries you or that you think you need extra help with regarding your essay. The best writing services should have friendly staff on their customer service and reply to you promptly. If they are rude or late in replying, find help elsewhere. Your satisfaction needs to be their number one concern.

Finding a good writing service doesn’t need to be hard, but you do need to research about them before you decide who to give your money to. Doing this search instead of researching and writing your own essay is a lot more worth your time. Once you have done this and you find a company that you like, you never have to research again unless they give you subpar service in the future. This will save you a ton of time later on, even though it may seem like a chore now.

Working with a Writing Company

For those who haven’t done this before, don’t get apprehensive about it; the process is easy and the company’s staff should be nice enough to walk you through each step if you aren’t sure about something. For most services, you simply post a job on their website, upload your instructions for the essay and if you’ve already done some work on it, post that too so that they have a starting place, and then relax and wait for your essay! Just make sure to check up once in a while on your writer so that you can correct errors early on.