Integration Of The Disabled

Wilfred Owen, through his famous poem Disabled, gives the readers an intimate detail about the tragic loss of humanity a soldier suffers after facing the consequences of war. The unnamed soldier is left to endure a life of utter meaninglessness when his friends, family and other associations gradually fade away without any prior warning. Disability here is a physical impairment which leads to an emotional and psychological trauma and thus impairs him for life. If we dig deep, we would observe that disability actually has a lot more to offer than to just physical inability in our society. Disability and the disabled people are always subjected to marginalization in all aspects of life whether it is work or education or socializing. Traditionally disabled people have always been marked under the categories like ‘special’ or ‘different’. This is like a reconfirmation to our practice of compartmentalization of these so called ‘disabled’ people every single day rather than incorporating them in the main league or liberating them from the taboos they have been tagged to. However, few years back, the Council of Europe adopted a Disability Action Plan 2006-2015 which contains 15 action lines, including participation in political, public and cultural life, education, information and communication, employment, accessibility of the built environment and transport. It also draws attention to the needs of women and children with disabilities and severely disabled people in need of a high level of support but the reports of UNESCO, reveal that factual details of all the initiatives taken to integrate disabled people in our society, do not bear any factual accuracy and in many under developed countries policies adopted to work on these issues are either under-funded or poorly constructed. A new definition of disability the social disability, also springs up from this concern which directly deals with restrictions effected on a group of people representing a certain caste, class, gender, race and religion in several countries like Africa, India, Hong Kong, Bulgaria and Afghanistan etc. Though, every other day the world prepares itself to ponder upon these facts and formulate policies for insertion of all the ‘disabled’ yet, discrimination, marginalization, restriction and suppression, seems to be an ever-lasting process setting its claws deeper and deeper. As promises are broken, hopes die down, disabled people go on accepting isolation and destitute and are abandoned.


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