10 tips that will make your school essay shine

Writing an essay is easy, but writing an essay that will take the reader’s breath away is quite another thing. When writing essays, especially school essays, it is important to create content that will put an ever-lasting impression on the reader.

So the question is; how to make a school essay stand out from the rest of the lot?

Here are 10 tips that will help students write appealing essays:

  1. Brainstorming:
  2. Something that every writer should do before starting is brainstorming for ideas. Students should first settle in with the topic given, become comfortable, and THEN allow the ideas to flow. Never start until settled and sure; no matter how long it’s taking. The important thing is to plan out the essay until no doubts are there about which ideas to use and which to reject.

  3. Being yourself:
  4. Using experiences, settings and ideas that the writer is familiar with is the key to great content. Every student has a unique writing style; forcing oneself to write differently will make the essay sound unnatural. So being oneself, in both areas, is important.

  5. Strong Introduction:
  6. The opening paragraph should be well built and should show the writer at his or her best. This will create a good first impression and will also set the tone for the remaining part of the essay. Creating mystery or intrigue in the introduction will make it impossible for the reader to not to read further.

  7. Keeping it Simple:
  8. In the process of making the essay unique, one shouldn’t forget the golden rule of keeping it simple. Long, overly complex words will stifle the essay. Instead of impressing the reader, it will create an impression of the writer as just trying too hard!

  9. Variation:
  10. Changing the length and type of sentences used makes the essay easier to follow. Students should vary the length according to the type of idea being portrayed, for example; using short, abrupt sentences, when expressing suspense.

  11. Using Imagery:
  12. Imagery involves appealing to the five senses of the reader. Students should use those words that will give an exact picture of what they’re trying to say. This will make their essay powerful and moving.

  13. Being clear:
  14. Being clear and straight cut in one’s essay is necessary. Contradictory, hazy and confused ideas in an essay will put the reader off.

  15. Avoiding long series of short sentences:
  16. Students should make sure to add linking words in between the sentences; otherwise, there won’t be any flow in the essay. Nothing is more annoying than continuous series of short, abrupt sentences hampering the perfect essay.

  17. Correct Grammar and Punctuation:
  18. This is essential in writing, without which any type of written material is garbage. Students should make sure that all is in order and should pay extra attention to the placement of pauses.

  19. Using relevant quotes:
  20. Using a quote brings a bit of authenticity to any piece of writing, and adds a different element to the essay. Not to mention, it impresses teachers!

With the help of these tips, students can improve upon their writing capabilities, producing essays that will surely impress!


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