How To Make Your IB History Extended Essay A Success

The IB extended essays is a challenging project for high school students. This essay is unlike any other that students have ever written in school. The topic needs to be highly focused and researched. The essay also needs to have the grammar and mechanics of a collegiate essay. This can be overwhelming for many high school students who have never taken on a challenge like this prior to the IB essay. To made your essay a success, here are some tips:

  • Choose a powerful subject: There are strict guidelines to everything that IB requires. So, if you pick a history topic it needs to be about the causes of a historical event or the outcome of the event. You can also write about the relevances of the evidence regarding the event. The topic cannot be about any historical event that happened less than ten years ago. The topic needs to be formatted in a question and many of the best topics begin with the word how.

  • Look for primary sources: These are the original documents about the historical event. Before your topic is approved, you need to find some sources to show that you can actually support your thesis. Be sure to know exactly what preliminary sources that IB wants you to use. You will need to submit your topic idea and your potential sources before you can begin writing the essay.

  • Know the format: The history extended essay is structured much like a dissertation or thesis. The paper needs to have an abstract and a table of contents. It also needs to have a bibliography page and the body of the paper needs to be structured in a particular way. Learn the format and do not deviate from it. Part of the IB procedure is showing that you can follow instructions. The paper includes a section called “The Investigation” which includes the process you used to conduct research and what you found. You also will need to show the debates about your subject and what different sources say about it.

  • Stay within the limit: There is a word limit for the history extended essay. It is vital that you stay within that limit and do not go overboard on the document. Because this is an IB project, you are expected to use precise words, so you do not need to explain yourself in lengthy sentence and paragraphs.

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