Religion in America

Living in the United States can be confusing at times, but never more confusing as when religion is involved. Even though we are inundated from our earliest days that freedom of religion is one of the basic rights that all Americans enjoy. Unfortunately though as with anything religion, it works to separate people into rival groups. America has been known as a Christian nation and that is all well and good as long as you are a Christian too. If you aren’t then your experience in the land of the free may not be so pleasant to experience.

A Christian Nation

The United States is the largest Christian nation in the world and there is no shortage of reminders. From the minting of money to the swearing in of politicians, a constant reminder of the value of claiming Christianity as your core belief system is important. Religion in any part of the world is a simple tool that is used to control the behavior of people. In the Middle Ages it was used to justify the large inequities that existed between rich and poor. Poor people were assured that they would be rewarded for their good behavior in this life in heaven. Today the control has justified everything from slavery to the new restrictive laws stemming from the Patriot Act.

Religion in America has managed to move fare away from God as many clearly unethical and discriminatory things are done in the name of God. Some people commit violent acts and justify them because the victims of the act do not worship God the same way that they do. The more you investigate it the less that religion seems to have to do with God and the more it has to do with the people who are practicing it. The true forms of any organized religion including Christianity have a core at the center which constitutes love. If people let love guide their actions in all things, and ignored religion there would be a lot less hate in the world and fewer people who suffered.

Religion is designed to separate people into two simple groups, us and them. When this separation occurs then each group can justify almost any action toward the other, stretching from robbery to murder. These separations are the dangerous aspects of religion that needs to be avoided completely. If the world would focus on the things that we have in common in the ways that we worship God and less on the differences, then America would be a much more peaceful and accepting place.


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