Children And Young People Workforce

As the times change, so does the way in which we want our children "looked after." This isn't only in our own individualized parenting methods, but also the outside people that our children are exposed to and supervised by. There once was a day when you hired the neighborhood teen to "babysit" your kids when you went to work or out for the evening, but with the world in turmoil, more and more parents want the assurance that their children are in the right hands and the right environment to promote healthy growth and psychological development. This is where the Children and Young People Workforce comes into the picture.

This two-part accredited program is designed to give those who want a "leg-up" in the childcare industry. It is designed with both Certificate and Diploma levels. Having a Certificate in the Children and Young People Workforce gives you the opportunity to work with children from birth to nineteen-years-old as an assistant. It covers all aspects of childcare and will enable the Certificate holder to work in the areas of early childhood years and social childcare. The Diploma level of this course builds on the fundamentals of the first phase and will have added training for Learning and Development Support Services, Early Learning and Childcare and Social Care. In addition, this level also trains the student in the necessary requirements to set up a home-based daycare.

The Children and Young People Workforce can be taken through accredited schools and some will require you to already be volunteering in a childcare atmosphere. This course covers in depth all aspects of childcare from development and promoting healthy development, to safeguarding the well being of minors, supporting them through health and safety, working together for the betterment of children through positive support, along with speech, language and communication in regards to the development of youngsters. Upon completion of this course, students will be ready to embark in many areas of the childcare system, armed with the knowledge, skills and confidence to go out into the workforce.

If you want to have a career in working with children, then the Children and Young People Workforce is a great way to get the necessary training, skills and education you need to make a difference in a young person's well being and overall life.