Free Medical Research Articles Can Be Harmful

In medical school you'll often be asked to write research papers. While this isn't something you'll do often as a doctor or nurse, it is something that is required in school. If you find yourself without time to write these, though, you can easily find some online for sale or even for free. IF you are tempted to take these, you should consider how they can be harmful to you and your grade.

They may be poorly written.

Bad grammar, poor spelling, awful sentence structure, and articles that do not properly cite sources will result in a bad grade. Getting free articles online is a risk because they could contain any or all of these things. If you are decent at writing, but just don't have the time, be sure to read the article you take form an online source so that you can properly edit any mistakes.

They may not be accurate.

Not everyone who writes can properly do research, and if you get a free article from someone online or in your class, they may not have done the proper research and everything cited in the article could be wrong. Other than awful writing, there is nothing more detrimental to a grade than research that isn't founded. They could also be outdated, so always check the article's date before you take it to use in your class.

It could ruin your credibility.

Other than your grade, you can have your credibility ruined by turning in a paper that you have received for free. If this particular paper has been turned in before, or your professor is able to show that you got it form an online source, you will be accused of plagiarism and you could be kicked out of school. At the very least, though, your credibility will be ruined with all of your professors.

A medical research article is not always the easiest or most fun thing to write, especially if you are already swamped with other classes. These papers are required, though, in medical school and if you don't have time to write them you can get them online or from other students for free. These come with problems, though, and can be more harmful than helpful. From ruining your grade to ruining your credibility, or even having you kicked out of school, free medical research articles are not always a good idea. If you decide to use them, proofread everything and correct any mistakes.