Writing An American History Paper: 15 Exciting Topics

The U.S. is a comparatively young country, but it has a rich history with plenty of interesting events. Writing a research paper on historical events related to the United States is a difficult, but rewarding task. Here you may look at the list of great topics that might be used to write your brilliant history work.

  1. Relations between Native Americans and early European colonists.
  2. Were colonists and Native Americans always enemies or did they have some kind of cooperation?

  3. The American Revolution and African Americans.
  4. Why did African Americans support a particular side during the American Revolution? How did the Revolution change their lives?

  5. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
  6. How was the Constitution enhanced by the Bill of Rights? Did the Constitution increase the power of the federal government?

  7. The Civil War and its causes.
  8. Was it the issue of slavery that contributed most of all to the beginning of the Civil War? What are the other reasons?

  9. The Hawaiian Islands in the times of expansionism.
  10. Why were the Hawaiian Islands so important for the American government in the XIX century?

  11. The Industrial Revolution.
  12. How did the Industrial Revolution impact on the development of the U.S.? How did the role of women change during this revolution?

  13. The United States and World War I.
  14. Why did the USA try to be neutral at the beginning of WWI and what was the reason to finally enter the war?

  15. The social changes during the 1920s.
  16. What were the changes in the society during the 1920s and why did these changes cause conflicts between some people?

  17. The Great Depression.
  18. What was the reason for the Great Depression to take place and how did it affect the society in the U.S.?

  19. The United States and World War II.
  20. What was the reason for the U.S. to enter the war and what was the contribution of the Americans to fighting fascism?

  21. The Space Race.
  22. What were the reasons for the Space Race between the U.S. and the USSR and how did this affect the technological development in America?

  23. The Civil Rights movement.
  24. What did politics, media and militants do to help Kennedy with his Civil Rights policies?

  25. Feminist movement.
  26. What economic, social, and political reasons caused the rise of the feminist movement in 60s?

  27. The Vietnam War.
  28. How did the Vietnam War affect the lives of Americans and their relationship with the government?

  29. Illegal immigration.
  30. What is the impact of illegal immigration during 1995-2005 on the U.S.?


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