Custom Academic Articles To Purchase Online - Beware!

Is the popularity of buying your academic articles online a trap for students? Keep reading to find out both sides of this issue. Students who don’t want to or for whatever reason, can’t do their own writing have the option of paying a writer from anywhere in the world to write it for them. This could be someone with perhaps more talent for writing and more experience than they have. But is this too good to be true or actually possible?

According to professional essay writing services, the biggest question is: how can you tell which websites are good ones to order from and which are scams? Here are a few tests you can do to tell whether a company is probably taking you for a ride:

How to Avoid a Scam when Purchasing Essay Writing Online

The best way, of course, is to ask a friend who has used one of these services before and had a great experience with it. Ask around at your school and find out if anyone has purchased an assignment before and what services they went through to do it. This way, you can be sure that you’re getting a good deal, because someone you know can vouch for it.

Another, though less effective way, if you aren’t able to talk with someone who has already done this before, is to conduct your own research online about the companies who offer writing services. Read testimonials and reviews of their writing, on their website, as well as reviews of their site from other people. This way you know you won’t have biased opinions.

When you’re choosing which company to go with (or choosing to buy your paper online at all, versus writing it yourself) keep in mind that these companies have their reputations and businesses at stake, as well. Your satisfaction is their top priority because if you aren’t happy, you’ll be telling other people to stay away and that hurts their way of making a living, so don’t be too worried about walking into a scam.

  • If they have awful customer service that doesn’t respond, or responds way after the deadline, or are rude
  • If they demand upfront payment
  • If they don’t listen to your revision requests
  • If their writers sound like they barely know English
  • If they have no satisfaction guarantee or money back guarantee
  • If they don’t honestly communicate with you
  • If they have a lot of negative ratings

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