According to Rolfe, Asia pacific region refers to the part of the world near the western Pacific Ocean; the area covers most of East Asia, south East Asia and Oceania. Sometimes, the North Pacific of Russia and some parts in the North of the Americas are included. The security situation in this region 60 years ago was horrendous, with war being the way to resolving disputes; however, this is no longer the norm as the world has changed. This paper highlights the current security situation in this region.

War has now become old fashioned, and interstate disputes are solved diplomatically; however, in the Asia pacific, there are still countries that have not outgrown the ideas of spilling blood. This is mostly contributed by the 21st century characteristic of terrorism; thus, some countries in this region have resolved to unite to protect themselves from their neighbors. For instance, the Five Power Defense Arrangements (FPDA) whose members include Malaysia, Australia, UK, Singapore and New Zealand.

Rolfe states that, the region has a plethora of structures that are all aimed at maximizing the value of the member countries. The structures are aimed at developing a region-wide security architecture. This however, has not yet been put in play due to the lack of distrust among the member countries. The regional groups are also poorly coordinated resulting in disorganized structures. The regional organizations have not yet been able to incorporate all the states, the only group that is close to achieving this is Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC); an organization which specializes on trade and not security.

Interregional competition currently faces the region; with Japan having been on the lead in the Asian economy for many years, the recent advancement of China has threatened this position. This has made Japan not to cooperate with China; Politics has majorly contributed to this. Japan is for the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction because they affect global security; a notion currently not shared by other states in the region.

The security situation in Asia pacific region is unstable. Even after many years when war was described to be destructive, some nations are still pro warfare forming partial organizations to protect themselves against their neighbors. The states in the region do not trust each other enough to form one military force to safe gourd the security of the member states. The region is characterized by disorganization, competition and politics; all of which work towards disintegrating the regions security.