Writing your academic research paper in no time

There are general principles which should be taken into consideration in order to complete your academic paper quickly and to a good standard. They have been defined in key checkpoints.

  • Clear Goal – if the paper should be written in 5,000 words, do not think putting 5,000 words about the main topic will get you the great grade. The question is your goal. The main purpose of the paper is to persuade, give analytic reasoning and inform the reader, about the topic in hand.
  • Analytical Goal – explain and analyze the possible answers to your question.
  • Persuasive Goal – the aim is to get the reader to adopt your answer to the question. Give as much reasons and evidence to try and change the reader´s point of view about the topic.
  • Some assignments may have a pre-determined goal, therefore some of these steps may have been done for you but the principles are the same for writing an academic paper.

    • Engage The Reader – if your instructor does not dictate who your audience is, then assume it is your fellow students. They will have the same level of knowledge as you do, therefore, they are interested in your topic. So, you need to capture their attention with your writing style and coming up with new fresh ideas.
    • Presentation – the idea is to show your own thoughts and support the thoughts with your own original ideas. This is known as the thesis statement, this is your answer to the question.
    • Single Point – try to focus on your arguments and do not lose sight of it, even when you include the evidence and retractable statements. This will be highlighted more in the next point
    • Organization – this is a key part, it is normally split into three sections. The introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion. Follow this patter to not deter from the structure of an academic paper.
    • Research – to answer a question, you must include supportive evidence. Show how you derived at this conclusion and the reasons which have helped you get there. Research is key, because it shows that you are passionate about what you are talking about.
    • Golden Rule – listen and obey to the guidelines given to you by your instructor. Ask until you clearly understand the question that you can spend days or weeks preparing to answer.

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