Cat People

What would you consider a pet to be? Birds? Mini-pigs? Most commonly, people are divided on the classification of pets they prefer. They're either dog people or cat people. It's almost like the two party system of Republicans and Democrats, you're either one kind or the other. Dog and cat people are very identifiable to the point where they demand it according to their pet preference. Dog people are one way while cat people are another. It isn't so hard to see that they're each very similar to how their pet preference acts. For instance, dog people are more outgoing while cat people tend to keep to themselves. Here are some things to take into consideration as to why or how this is the case.

Non-commitment Is Easy

There's an obscure toy that can be found everywhere, which is on the verge of gaining cult status called the “crazy cat lady.”'. The joke behind the doll is that it's funny because it's true. The doll itself is a woman who's wearing clothes that is covered with cat hair, she's unkempt and wild eyed. It's perhaps safer to say than to generalize that this isn't all cat people but for the most part is a good majority because of the fact that the owners don't want something that's needy. Owners might be more committed to the cat but when the cat turns away, the owners have no problem with it.

Always Guessing

A lot of cat people identify certain personality traits to their felines by trying to figure out what the personality of their pets are. No one can really say, although cat people will stand firm by their convictions of what their cat's personalities are. For the most part however, most everyone is kept guessing when the cat isn't making an effort to approach their owner. This is the reason why litter boxes are more common in these homes because the cat can decide when they need to go without the owner's help. Usually food is already laid out, so the typical needs are already covered. When the cat approaches, it's really anyone's guess what they want.


People are also categorized in social groups of either introverted or extroverted. It's possible that the cat person's social patterns are more complex than one could point out. But more commonly, cat people are more introverted. As mentioned with the pattern of non-commitment, the fact that they have cats reflects their need to being left alone; to have as little association with other people as possible. Being withdrawn and picky is the most common personality trait.


There's no right or wrong reason why people gravitate to their classification of pets. Everyone has a preference and to default into certain behavioral patterns without little effort to make it look like what it isn't, is hard to do. Everyone has their comforts and for cat people, it's very specific.