Historically men were the decision makers, the breadwinners of the home, and the only ones allowed to participate in political decisions. Women were over-looked when it came to promotions or positions within a company and it was generally accepted that they did the menial jobs that men thought were beneath them. Sadly this gender bias also overflowed to affect sexual objectification of women resulting in women being forced to perform sexual acts against their will. Seen as the weaker sex, men treated women as they pleased and women had no say whatsoever.

Positive results

Feminism is not new. There has always been a small group of people fighting for women’s rights. After many years, today women have been granted those rights. Women can now hold any position within a company, they often earn more than the men in their homes and are now allowed to participate in whatever they wish; including voting. These rights have freed many women from unhappy circumstances. Women now feel that they are successfully equal to men.

Negative results

Unfortunately “feminism” has turned into a power struggle. Women were designed to be the loving gentle spirits that bring balance to the harsh masculine world created by men. However, with women desiring the high-powered jobs, carrying their homes financially and demanding every right they can, they are losing their femininity. These same women are the one’s complaining that men are not being men anymore and will complain about a man at the first opportunity.

Long term effects

Feminism has turned the tables upside-down, and there is no more balance. With women demanding to be in control and still demanding the same from their men, it is no surprise that men have begun to feel inferior. Women are complaining more and more that their men are not taking their rightful place in the homes and society. Marriages are falling apart. Moms are working long hours in their high-paying, demanding jobs and children are neglected and becoming rebellious—following on with the same cycle that has been their example.

It is agreed that women should have rights and should never be mistreated, abused, raped or simply overlooked for a position because of her gender. However, maintaining a balance and respecting men as much as women wish to be respected is of utmost importance. Remembering what is so awesome about a women—her love, her softness, her submissive ways—is what draws people to her. It is this which should remind us that feministic power is not the answer.


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