Original Guides On How To Write A Term Paper In MLA

An introduction to MLA format

Modern Language Association is abbreviated as MLA that is used across the globe by different universities and colleges for term papers, thesis writing, dissertation writing and research papers etc. If your teacher requires you to write your research paper or term paper in MLA format then you must follow it properly. It is not something very difficult and you can easily format your paper in MLA. Even though the name might, sound complicated but the process is very easy. All you need to do is open your paper in MS word and do a few amendments. Soon, you will have the perfect MLA style paper.

Guidelines for MLA format

  • The first thing you need to do is open a new Microsoft word document

  • Go to the navigation bar on the top and click on the page layout option. This is where you will select the page margins to be 1 inch.

  • The next thing you will do is select the font style as Times New Roman. For this, you need to go to the home button and select Times New Roman from the drop down menu. Next to the font style you will see an option for font size, here you will select the font size to 12.

  • After you select the font style and size, you need to determine the line spacing. This is also in the home tab where you will see line spacing option in the paragraph ribbon. Select it to 2.

  • Go to the insert option on the home tab and select the header. You need to write the name and page number here. Justify these to the right end of the paper.

  • The date format should always be month, date and year in MLA style. 9/22/14

  • The headings should be bold and adjusted to the extreme right in your paper.

  • The title should be centralized and bold. The font size remains same for the complete paper.

  • If you quote someone‚Äôs quotation, insert inverted commas on both sides. If you write the name of a book, song, play etc it must be written in italics.

  • You can also insert a cover page to your paper, writing the name, title and date to make it presentable

  • These are all the important steps you need to follow for an MLA style paper.

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