Montana 1948

This is a novel about Larry Watson. The author looks back at his life as a young boy and writes about the events that took place in the summer of 1948 when he was 12 years old. The novel has a set up of a family and how David grows past innocence and becomes aware of things happening around him. He sees many things and how they affect people’s lives and these are the main themes that the author majors to bring out in his work.

Themes of the novel

The author recants of the things that happen around him at his young age. He sees the different classes of people and how people are barred to do thing because of the social status difference. He concentrates on these as the main themes of the novel and they include; unethical behavior, power and the privilege of those that have it, misconduct of people in their professionals, justice and price that ii attracts and finally the collapse or breaking of the family structure. The author shows all these themes in the aspect of a 12 year old boy. Though he was at 52 when he wrote the novel, he is trying to discover what influenced his life into what it is.

How the novel sets in motion

Young David had an Indian girl as his babysitter. This girl gets sexually molested by his David’s uncle who is a doctor. This has not happened to her only but this uncle called Frank uses his power to molest and sexually abuse young girls and women who find themselves helpless at his hands in search of treatment. When she is molested, Marie Little Soldier speaks about her encounter to the family. David’s father who is a town sheriff tries to find out what lawful action can be taken against his brothers actions. He soon realizes that the community holds Frank so highly because of the privilege of his profession. He therefore was protected from any punishment of his crimes. He also finds out that his family has all along known that he molests young women but choose to keep quiet about it and pray that it will come to an end one day. They however did not know how far Frank was willing to go until later when he murders Marie Little Soldier. He would have gone scot free or even unsuspected but young David sees him leaving the home and is quite convinced that his uncle Frank was guilty of the act.


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