2013 sociology research topics

As the study of sociology is all about social life, the variety of research topics one can tackle in 2013 is vast. Sociology is a wonderful subject to take as a major study because it provides the training and background for graduates who wish to work in a wide variety of employment areas. Careers such as journalism, politics, public service, teaching and other areas are all well served by a study of sociology.

Because of this all-encompassing subject area there a number of research topics available.

  • The family
  • gender and sexuality
  • culture
  • global development and social change
  • ethnicity and power
  • society and the changes to society
  • population
  • technology and media
  • human rights
  • big business and health

From this brief list one can see how many issues are available for a sociology research topic. By studying any one of these broad topics or any sub topic within these topics, it is possible to discuss how people think and behave in the world today.

Sociology can be applied to any number of topics. For example health and medicine are hugely important and in Western countries vast sums of money are expended on hospitals, medical research and treatment of patients. But what is the relationship between government and privately operated medical facilities? How do people relate to health professionals today? How important is the state or country's expenditure on health and medicine?

Major changes in society

Any sociologist can find a treasure trove of information when researching changes in population throughout the world today. Major increases in population bring more than simply a change in the number of neighbors in your street. Public transport, public education and public welfare are all impacted by significant changes in population. In third world countries any natural disaster can make the provision of basic items such as food and water a major problem.

Religion too continues to play a major role in the lives of many people. There is an abundant range of topics for sociology research in the areas of spiritualism, religion and new age thinking. From the impact of the traditional religious organizations to the myriad of new and different centers for spiritualism and well-being, people are being impacted in new and different ways.

Any sociology research student will find a study of the family in society today to be a fascinating topic. Choosing the appropriate research topic depends on your course requirements as well as your particular line of interest.


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